Where gluttony & greed meet

The name 2nd & 6th is taken from the seven deadly sins, with greed & gluttony listing second and sixth.  As the name suggests, greed & gluttony is not only welcome, it is encouraged. 

2nd & 6th is a place to gorge yourself, giving up the predisposed notions of self-control and managed consumption. 

Self-indulged in 2nd & 6th's gluttonous European lunch and dinner menu, then at night double down and give in to your desires with sweet desserts and the finest alcoholic concoctions to quench your thirst.


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12 Peel Street

Adelaide  5000



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Originally from Indonesia, Gunawan left his family behind 10 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. He began studying a Bachelor of Food Engineering at the Université de Toulouse le Mirail and then moved to Adelaide after the 4 years to study patisserie in Le Cordon Bleu where he fell in love with the city. Since his studies, Gunawan has worked in many well-known restaurants in Adelaide and learned from some of the country’s best chefs, preparing him for running an esteemed restaurant of his own, leading a team of talented staff and developing his personal cooking skills. His impressive resume does not stop there: he is now an accredited Australian Culinary Federation chef judge for the South Australian region, and has been judging the Nestle Golden Chef Hat national apprentice challenge along with secondary school cooking competitions.

Gunawan has always been extremely artistically minded and appreciative of creative expression in all forms, which is exemplified in his work – particularly his famous desserts on offer at 2nd & 6th. His impressive creations have been recognised on many occasions, most recently by hosting cooking masterclasses on his unique desserts such as his famous Edible Bonsai available at our Peel street restaurant. 2nd & 6th has been imperative to his career success, as a great platform to showcase his talent as well as facilitate his ambition of bringing creative, boundary pushing dishes to the city of Adelaide.

“People don’t have to travel to Melbourne or Sydney to try ground-breaking desserts, they’re right here in the heart of Adelaide.”

Head to 2nd & 6th on Peel street to experience Gunawan’s dream coming into fruition in our stylish restaurant & bar! We’ve brought the excitement back to Adelaide’s dessert scene.

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2nd & 6th

12 Peel Street

Adelaide  SA  5000